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Services Offered by GamesForCanada.com:

1) Direct Request Service (DR): Perhaps the coolest and most original feature on the GamesForCanada.com website is the DIRECT REQUEST SERVICE (DR). Here you can order just about anything you can imagine from any website that ships to the USA and get it shipped to you as a custom order. In a nutshell you place a custom order and we send it to you and only charge you: The actual price of the game/item/order plus fair shipping and a flat-fee service charge ($2.00 USD for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item in the same order). It doesn't get much better than that! Now you can get in on all the US-exclusive sales and discounts and get your games/items shipped to you as soon as they come in. Orders will be rewarded with bonus Service Charge Credits (SCC's) redeemable towards future orders.

2) Package Forwarding Service (PF): For all items that cannot be purchased with our DR service or for items that have very limited time offers or short windows where they can be ordered, we have a PACKAGE FORWARDING SERVICE (PF). We have a secured mailbox setup that will allow you to order items on your own, and once we receive them we can repack, combine items into single packages and process them for you. We will send you a custom invoice for the shipping and our service charge and then we'll send them out to you. Simple as that =). Orders will be rewarded with bonus Service Charge Credits (SCC's) redeemable towards future orders.

3) GFC Online Store: For all items we sell personally through GFC you can find here in our online store. Good for used and new video games and accessories, digital iTunes Cards, Xbox Live Subscriptions, and much more. All items will be shipped directly to you by us in a timely manner =) Check it out. You can even buy discount Service Charge Credits (SCC's) now for our DR & PF orders here!

4) GFC Auctions: A combination of our own "Lowball Auctions" and our eBay Store. These are items sold directly through GFC through one of our various online auction outlets. Come, browse and support the site. Starting in January 2011, Canuck Bucks will be redeemable directly towards the purchase of our auction items. =) Hope you find something you like!

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