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Ar Tonelico II Soundtrack (Rosenqueen Exclusive, Only 2000 Made)

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Ar Tonelico II Soundtrack (Rosenqueen Exclusive, Only 2000 Made)

This auction is for a Brand New/Factory Sealed copy of the Rosenqueen exclusive soundtrack for Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. It was released in 2009 as a promotion on (which became NIS America's store now) and only 2000 were made in total as a part of the "Sacred Army Set: Limited Edition". The CD contains 31 tracks of audio from the game that were NOT part of the normal soundtrack that was included in the premium pack of Ar Tonelico II. This game is 100% MINT Condition and was bubble wrapped along with the game right before I took the photos for this eBay auction. It will be mailed to you in bubble wrap as well as sturdy cardboard packing to assure safe delivery worldwide. This is the perfect item for collectors and fans alike. The Ar Tonelico games series are already incredibly fun and collectible and this is one of the rarest items out there. Get yours today ^_^.

** Please note that this item is also listed on our eBay store. We will do our best to remove all items here if they sell on eBay and vice-versa but in the event that an item sells on both, eBay will take priority due to restrictions. **
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