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Maple the RobotPackage Forwarding is now for GFC Premium Members Only...

In order to keep GFC running smoothly with shipping times and service charges, we are moving GFC Package Forwarding (PF) services to be for GFC Premium Members only. This allows us to offer our existing service at a reasonable rate (cheaper actually if you order 5 or more items in a month, and even moreso if you buy our yearly membership) as well as speed up service for all buyers. Directions on how to join GFC Premium are below. We appreciate your ongoing support and hope you recognize that this is a necessary step to move forward and will be beneficial for everyone. Thanks again for everything ^_^.


GFC Premium is Live (in Beta)!

We're happy to announce that our GFC Premium program has now officially launched (in Beta). This means that you can join and receive discounts on our standard service charges, as well as pre-load credits for further savings. If you'd like to join, please follow these steps:

1) Register for a free account on GFC (if you haven't done so already). The link is HERE.

2) Go to our GFC store and purchase a one-month subscription to GFC Premium. Be sure to use the same Email address that you used from step 1. We currently are offering:

** One Month GFC Premium Subscriptions for $10.00 USD as well as

** One Year GFC Premium subscriptions for $100.00 USD (You save $20 buy buying the yearly membership).

Please note you'll need a separate login for our store...this will change in the near future. We recommend you use the same username/Email/password that you use on the main GFC page. The link for GFC Premium is HERE .

3) Once you register, your account will be flagged as a Premium account in our system and you'll be able to access a special version of our Package Forwarding (PF) site. This process is manually done at the moment and may take up to 12 hours for us to change in our system for you, so please be patient. Once your account is upgraded to premium, the sidebar and any links on the site will show the GFC Premium Members exclusive sections. Your account will remain premium status for as long as you purchased. Once your Premium Membership expires, you will have to purchase more time if you wish to remain in the Premium program.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support! This step is truly necessary to make GFC profitable enough to continue as a small business, and also helps to reward our most frequent members with the discounts they desire. We appreciate everything you've done for us as a community :) Happy GFC'ing!

= JJ Parks, GFC ^_^ =

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