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SpacerHi! and welcome to! This site is just what it sounds like, a place for Canadians to order video games at the absolute lowest prices. We here at GFC know how much work it can take to get good deals up north and we're nearly positive that you have been envious of deals going on in the USA. Well envy no more :) We're here to help!

SpacerTake a look around and get to know the site. It's a work in progress, but one that is developing and improving by the day. Oh and if you're not Canadian, feel free to look around anyway. The site in no way limits our services only to Canada. They are just our main focus and top priority at the moment ^_^. If the site is successful then I plan to work on similar sites for Europe and Asia too perhaps. Enjoy!

Our Mission is To Save YOU Money!
SpacerUnlike most websites on the Internet, we here at don't feel it's right to charge you outrageous shipping prices and over-the-top charges for video games and consumer electronics. Our goal is to offer you a wide-range of items at the absolute greatest prices, without charging you and arm and a leg. The site is a brand-new concept in cross-border commerce and it's one that I hope will truly take off. I believe strongly that "Win-Win" businesses are the best kinds out there and through them everyone can benefit. Take a look around and let me know if you have any suggestions. I'd love to hear them!

Why Video Games? Jasper, Canada
SpacerThis is a rather easy question: I'm very interested in Video Games myself and I know for a fact that Canadian stores overcharge for games in general. On top of that, I'm a frequent visitor of websites like Cheap Ass Gamer and hear constantly how Canadians are ripped off on games. On this site we offer video games from any and every major system including: Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Nintendo Gamecube, Sony PS2 and all the systems that have come before it. We don't limit the deals to only new games, rather we focus on them since they're more than often the biggest money savers. If you find an item that isn't a video game that you want to buy, that's fine too...just keep in mind games are perhaps the easiest (and cheapest) items to ship ^_^ You can request any game you want or any item you want from our Direct Request Service found here: DIRECT REQUEST PAGE.

Sign Up for Free! You'll Be Happy You Did!

SpacerTo get started, all you need to do is quickly fill in your information and sign up for a free account on the site. This will allow me to streamline your orders as well as giving you updates on the status of shipments and such. In addition, registered members will be eligible for discounts and rewards known as "Canuck Bucks". More on this soon ^_^

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