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Welcome to GFC & Awesome Package Forwarding ! ^_^

We've gotten many questions about whether we are still in business or not, and the answer is a resounding YES! 2016 was a great year for us and 2017 is looking to be even better. We have mostly automated just about all parts of the website at this point and don't update the scripts all that often, but we're still working awayin the background! Here's some things to remember:

1) We offer "Direct Request" Service to all customers. We will order items for you on your behalf and forward/ship them to you in your country for a small fee (easily the lowest on the web).

2) If you want to do a "Package Forwarding" Service, you can order the items on your own and have us ship them to you. This requires a Premium Membership, but it allows you to keep all credit card rewards, store rewards, etc. and have the items grouped together for single-package shipping which saves you time and money.

3) Our GYROS Updates page will keep you up to date on where your order is. This is done manually at this time so it's sometimes behind and it's not a sure-fire way to keep track of things, but it's generally updated on time. Please don't assume that we didn't get your order if it doesn't appear on GYROS. We're probably just swamped with work and we will add it in ASAP. Eventually we hope to automate this, but it's not an easy script to write :).

4) We are launching a new Rewards program in mid-2017! Lots of exciting news coming soon. Thanks for your support everyone!

JJ Parks ^_^


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